Your Questions, Answered

Your Questions, Answered

Find out more about our tree services in Denver, CO

You don't want to feel left in the dark about the tree services you're getting. That's why Colorado Land & Tree LLC is always ready to provide information about our work in Denver, CO.

Check out the frequently asked questions below to learn more about our services and tree care company. If you still have questions, call 720-628-1344 right away to talk to our team.

Do I need to be at my home or business for a free estimate?

We recommend being present so you can discuss any specifics about your property , as well as to discuss pricing and ask any questions you might have. We want to make sure there are no surprises when it comes to our tree services.

Can you prune my trees?

Yes. Our tree services include regular tree trimming and pruning services to improve the look and health of your trees. Our fully trained professionals can also perform tree limb removal work on weak, pest-infested or diseased branches that could snap.

When should I think about getting a tree removed

Our tree care company sees removing trees as a last resort, but sometimes it's necessary. We often remove trees that:

  • Are dead, dying or hazardous
  • Cause an obstruction that trimming can't correct
  • Need to be replaced by another plant
  • Block planned construction
If you're not sure about removing a tree, ask us about it now. We can help you decide what needs to be done.

What are stump grinding services?

When we provide stump grinding services, we use a machine to grind away stumps and their parts closest to ground level. When we provide stump removal services, we remove the stump's deeper roots, as well.

Which season is the best time to maintain trees?

You can schedule our tree services at any time of the year. We find that it's easiest to trim tree branches, thin canopies and assess overall tree health in the summer. More intensive pruning is often best saved for winter, when the leaves have fallen and we can see and move through the branches easily.

Can you clear my lot?

You can count on our tree care company for lot clearing services. We're fully equipped to remove trees, cut undergrowth and clear any debris away from your property.